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Anonymous asks: Wait a sec Adam said he hired four female writers who agreed the storyline? I don't care what gender the writers are! romanticising Hook/CS imo is wrong and sends out a bad message on a so called family show. And the fact he using the defence 50% of his writing team are women. Seriously?



He is and that’s depressing…

I’m dissaponted in that as well.. Whether the writings is good or bad, it has nothing to do with the gender of the writers..

While I don’t agree, I see the reasoning. A lot of Hook’s actions were painted as borderline sexist and the words of a rapist, like when he says ‘when I jab you with my sword, you’ll feel it’, a lot of people argued that it was a rape remark. (I… See the point but didn’t feel like getting into it) Although it shouldn’t be a valid point, having women say that this is not sexiest and not making Hook into a rapist or making CS an unhealthy relationship has some value.

Anonymous asks: The only "good" Hook has ever done was to impress Emma for his own benefit. He has never done anything to actually help anyone, only to make himself look good for the girl he is stalking.


Please don’t be mad.

I’m sorry.

I didn’t plan on making something so addictive.


I’m sorry.

I’m not sorry.

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Double Trouble AU: Tangled Romance

 prompted: After a misunderstanding, Bae think his father is in love with Tess, so set up a blind date for them. Nick and Belle see them. 

Author’s Note: Heheheh. Heheheh. That is all.

"Just tell me who it is?" Bae asked, pleeding to his father. He couldn’t believe that his father had a crush when Uncle Nick told him there was a pretty girl in town who had caught the pawnbroker’s eye.

And ever since his parents had gotten divorced, he knew that his papa needed someone to make him happy.

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All you’ve gotta do is copy/paste the template, and add the names of your choices! <3

Good luck to everyone, especially the voters because you guys have some hard choices ahead of you, hahaha.


Well, in the course of a few days on vacation I have;

Attempted a first try at a Warm Bodies Rumbelle AU

Roleplayed with Tonksiefea a brilliantly sexy verse that she has gotten me addicted to

Done two Rumbelle graphics, one that has been posted and another that has not

Done two Veronica Mara graphics

Reminded myself five times to work on more of my prompts

Rewatched every Rumbelle scene ever

Aaand drank 7+ diet cokes, a piña colada, and ate baked Mac and cheese

In conclusion,
I love spring break

"Why did you come back?"
"I wasn't going to, but... Something changed my mind."


So, I tried my best at ‘Rumple doesn’t end up fully sending Belle away’

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afanofdeduction asks: Prompt airplane rumbelle: (saw someone messaged you) Emma sees Neal and Henry on the plane, when gold is happy to see his son Emma freaks out because she hasn't seen Neal or Henry for 10 years

I actually filled a similar prompt to this here. It isn’t exactly the same, but similar enough that I’d rather not write this prompt.

Anonymous asks: please write more AirPlane!Rumbelle AU it was my favorite!

I would love too, but I have no more prompts for it! I’d like to write more of it but I haven’t gotten any new ideas… We shall see! But thank you, that means a lot to me. :)


Wow I don’t like Tess Harding at all because she’s getting in the way of my ship but it’s Emilie and the only reason I started watching this show was because Emilie was in it?? My brain can’t process this at all.

You grow to love her. Tess is… Tess is one of those characters that you have to know the fandom headcanons of and get into the mind of before she is REALLY loveable. It was a bit easier for me- I’m pretty lax on Max/Liz, but my hardcore Roswell OTP is Michael/Maria.

Anonymous asks: Could you do maybe a Belle Edition of 2048? I loved your Rumbelle + Emilie one!

I was actually trying to set up one, but got lazy and didn’t finish. This gave me the push to finish it! So, here for you, I’ve actually got:

2048 for Belle French

2048 for Rumplestiltskin


2048 for Tess Harding!

Expect a Nicholas Rush soon hopefully, and I want to set up a masterlist of 2048s made by this fandom some time… I’m getting addicted, I know.